Chocolate Oui Petites by Yoplait yogurt ready to be served with a spoon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oui?
Oui is a French style yogurt by Yoplait that is made with simple ingredients like whole milk and real fruit that are poured and set in each glass pot. The recipe is inspired by our traditional French recipe. With a unique, thick and creamy texture, real fruit on the bottom and subtly sweet, fresh taste, Oui brings a new offering and experience to the yogurt aisle.

What makes French style yogurt “French style”?
It isn’t just one thing, it’s our holistic approach to French style yogurt. It starts with simple, non-GMO ingredients, artfully poured and set in individual glass pots for eight hours. This creates a satisfyingly thick, subtly sweet, fresh tasting yogurt and a moment of pure enjoyment in every spoonful.

Is Oui by Yoplait French Style Yogurt considered Greek?
No, French Style Yogurt differs from Greek yogurt in many respects. Therefore, it is not considered Greek-style yogurt.

How is French Style different than Greek Yogurts?
French Style Yogurt is made in a different way and yields a different texture than Greek style yogurt. Greek yogurt is made by extensively straining the yogurt to remove much of the liquid, giving it its thick consistency. French Style yogurt is made by starting with simple, non-GMO ingredients and pouring them directly into the pot and letting them set for 8 hours. The milk turns into yogurt via the fermenting/culturing process, giving the yogurt its thick consistency.

What is the right way to eat Oui?
Oui is best experienced without stirring to enjoy the unique, thick and creamy texture. It is made to be enjoyed slowly. We encourage consumers to dig in with their spoon and get some yogurt and just the right amount of fruit from the bottom to enjoy the full Oui experience.

Can the cups be recycled?
Yes, the cups are made of glass and are widely recyclable.

Can I reuse the glass pot?
Yes, reusing the pot is a great idea. We expect consumers will come up with lots of great uses for the pots. Let us know how you reuse it!

Does it have corn starch?
No, Oui by Yoplait French Style Yogurt does not contain corn starch.

Is the product gluten free?
Yes, Oui by Yoplait is gluten free.

Is this yogurt Non-GMO?

How do you source your milk for Oui?
We’re proud to partner with Foremost Farms USA as the milk supplier for Oui by Yoplait. As a cooperative of dairy farms in the Midwest, they have grown and been successful by setting high standards of care for their animals and the environment.